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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Aug 24, 2017

Remember when we had a semi-regular podcast that featured new music from emerging acts, news and stories from around the Scene and band/artist interviews? Yea...those were simpler times... But fret not, faithful readers/listeners, since reboots are all the rage these days, we've returned with a new and improved version of Dying Scene Radio! That's right gang, we've done a complete overhaul! With two, all new hosts, a sweet new streamlined format for more cohesion, and far, far less vitriolic politics (because political talk blows ass), we know you're going to dig DSR 2.0! For our debut episode, we sent one of our hosts, AnarchoPunk to Studio City to meet up with Kevin Besignano and Derik Envy from Los Angeles' premiere punk rock act True Rivals. Not only did he get the skinny on their new EP, but he also recorded an incredible acoustic set with 'em!