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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Jan 21, 2019

It's that time of year again! To kick off 2019, we're taking a look back at our favorite albums from 2018! We'll tell you why they were our favorites and play some of the best tracks from those albums. Sound good? Alrighty then! Check out our special 2018 Albums of the Year Episode and let us know which ones we got right and which ones we missed! 


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2018 AoTY Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some rad, new tunes? We don’t blame you! Check out the ever growing playlist over on Spotify. Almost every song we’ve ever featured on the show and it’s 100% asshole free!

Eat Dirt - “Pull Out”

We Were Sharks – Sober”

Playboy Manbaby – “Don’t Be An Asshole”

Aimless Again – “Scream”

The Shell Corporation - "Rooftops”

Nerdlinger – Contagious”

Bundles – “The Glow”

The Hempsteadys – “Still life With Woodpecker”

Hot Mulligan –  “Wes Dault Can’t Find The Madison Falcon”

The Bennies –  “Ocean”

Shame – “One Rizla”

Eat Defeat – “A Little Less than OK”

Rent Strike – “Family Graveyard”

Former Member – "The Fall for Fergie Jenkins”


Honorable Mentions


Drug Church - Cheer; Popes of Chillitown - Work Hard, Play Hard, See You in the Graveyard; The Brokedowns - Sick of Space; The Creeps - Beneath the Pines


Long Way Down - Swinging For The Fences; The Lawrence Arms - We Are the Champions of the World; Mad Caddies - Punk Rock Steady; Eat Dirt - Welcome to Shithouse on Sea; The Casualties - Written in Blood; Squarecrow - Before the Sun Catches Us All; Upper Downer - S/T


Top Ten Albums of the Year


10. We Were Sharks – Lost Touch

9. Playboy Manbaby – Lobotomobile

8. No Liars – The Cause & The Cure

7. Stringer – My Bad 

6. Aimless again – 2020 Future Punks

5. Animal Flag – Void Ripper

4. Hot Mulligan – Pilot

3. The Bennies – Natural Born Chillers

2. The Shell Corporation – Fucked.

1.Shame – Songs of Praise



10. Swingin’ Utters – Peace and Love

9. Direct Hit! – Crown of Nothing

8. Nerdlinger – Happy Place

7. Bundles – Deaf Dogs

6. The Hempsteadys – Seance! Seance!

5. Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz

4. Eat Defeat – I Think We’ll Be OK

3. The Shell Corporation – Fucked.

2. Rent Strike – IX

1. Former Member – Old Youth