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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Aug 7, 2018

Well, well, well...look who's back with another episode! We almost gave the lads credit for a quicker than usual turn around. Then we realized that they didn't get a god damn interview.... Lucky for you, dear listeners, the guys made up for it by adding more news stories and a plethora of new music from some kick ass emerging punk acts that you probably haven't heard of yet! In summation: AP and Bob are lazy schmucks who suck major ass and this episode has TONS of great music and scene news! So, stream it, in all of it's glory!!!

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Episode 9 Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some rad, new tunes? We don’t blame you! Check out the ever growing playlist over on Spotify. Almost every song we've ever featured on the show and it's 100% asshole free!

Former Member - “Cold Open”

Bossman Dave's Solid Gold Lock of the Episode - The Killigans - “Realty Bites”

Freddy Fudd Pucker - “A River Rising”

The All Brights - “Stand Up Pat L Board”

The Holophonics - “Try Me On”

The Painted Dogs - “Killchain”

Bare Dreams - “Why Can’t I?”

MSS Frnce - "Fais-le toi-même"

Beach Rats- “Lonely For The Night”

Playboy Manbaby “College is a Scam”

Eat Defeat - “Nothing’s Wrong”

Wet Bandits - “Veruca”

Sorry Sweetheart - “Keep Lodo Off South Broadway”

Squarecrow - “Soap Opera Box”

Phosphorous Bombs - “Overdue”


Links to Featured News Stories

Steve Soto (54) of the Adolescents/Agent Orange passes away

Goldfinger announces two exclusive SoCal shows

Washington State punks Hilltop Rats Announce summer Tour

Former Against Me! basser, Andrew Seward rejoins band

Veteran pop punks MXPX released video for track off of new album

Bad Religion released a new song and video

Strung Out is releasing their own beer

Lucero releases new music video and announces US tour

Swingin’ Utters have a new album coming out on Fat

Pick It Up! Ska in the 90’s documentary launches Kickstarter campaign

Down By Law is working on a new album