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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Jan 3, 2018

Welcome to 2018, comrades! In case you were wondering, Bob's resolution for this new year is to tighten up his editing time frames so that we're not playing Christmas themed songs in January and Anarchopunk is pretty much perfect, so he has nothing to improve upon, thus no resolutions were established. We're really hoping that your new year's resolution was to listen to more punk news podcasts! If so, you're really gonna dig this one! In this installment, we're featuring a menagerie of international punk bands.  We've got French punks, British punks, South African punks, Canadian punks and we even sprinkled in some American punks with an interview from the Los Angeles based grouch punk act, Spanish Love Songs. All of this and more in Episode Four of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio!!

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Episode 4 Playlist

Stupid Stupid Henchmen - “Internal Struggles Of Rebellion”

**Bossman Dave's Solid Gold Lock of the Week  - Monday Morning Justice - “Molotov Politics”

Guerilla Poubelle - “En Marche”

Ducking Punches - “Sobriety”

The Anti-Queens - “Read My Mind”

Backtrack - “War”

The Duvtons - “Jerry Springer Question Time”

LATTE+ - “It's Ok For Us”

Spanish Love Songs - “Buffalo, Buffalo”

No State - “Shiner”

Total Massacre - “War on Christmas (World is Over)”

Grenadiers - “Panic Attack”


Links to Featured News Stories

Ducking Punches stream song off of upcoming album

Direct Hit working on new album

Posers break up :(

TSOL has announced a West Coast Tour for 2018

Glassjaw has a new album coming and they released an advanced music video for the single “Shira”

The New Adventures of The Offspring scripted podcast is a thing you didn't know about

Hot Water Music’s Chris Wollard taking time off - Hot H20 Interview up at DS

We Did This DIY label from South Africa debuted a comp / NHK releases documentary on Punk in Myanmar

14 Soda Punx compilation released and Seattle Pop Punk Fest is coming up

New Record Labels all over the place! A Jam, Heliarc, No Affiliation

Protest the Hero announce Fortress tour

Green Day releases music video for “2000 light Years Away”