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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Dec 17, 2021

Greetings, comrades! We finally got around to recording Episode 30 and it’s now ready for insertion into your ear sockets, just in time for the holidays! Per the yoosh, we’re gonna play a buncha rad new tunes from incredible emerging punk acts and chat about some of the more noteworthy scene news from the last couple of months, but we’ve also got some really exciting new info regarding the website, as well! If that doesn’t get you excited, we also find out in this episode which celebrities Bob would receive a golden shower from! Soooo, ummmm…..there’s that…  Have a safe holiday, gang! See ya in 2022....if we don't get cancelled.


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Episode 30 Playlist

Snuggle! - “Air’n Out”

Poor Me - “Classwar”

#1 Fan Spike’s Pick - Space Corolla - “David Bowie Whacks Postmodernism With A Crowbar” (ed: Ignore all of the commentary about this band being from Puerto Rico. They’re from South Jersey. But check out the band from Puerto Rico of the same name. Also, pretty rad!)

Soul Glo - “Nigga Don’t Uplift Me” 

Modifiers - “Everything is Fine”

Royal Dog - “All Your Shit”

The Peabodys - “Got the Morbs”

Latecomer – “Bet Your Life”

Filthy Radicals - “Stampede of Assholes”

Talk Show Host - “Syntax Error OK”

Addict Suunshine - “Police State”

Over Time - “Utica”


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