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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Nov 8, 2017

In this installment of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio, Anarchopunk heads down to the beach to meet up with Colorado's only Orwellian punk band, People Corrupting People to smoke some weed, talk about their new EP Loan Shark and frolic in the sun! While we don't typically endorse frolicking, we let it slide this once for a chance to talk to the Mile High Punks. If that don't wet your whistle, how's about we rustle ya' up some noteworthy news stories and some blazing hot new music?? All that and more in Episode 3 of Dying Scene Radio, the official podcast of Dying Scene!!

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Episode 3 Playlist

Fitness - “Road Lizard”

**Bossman Dave’s SGLoTW**  Piffbreak Arcade - “Flawed Design”

Danvers - “Open Fire, Lou”

Transplants - “Won’t Be Coming Back”

Emmer Effer - “Pick a Hand”

Peruvian Necktie - “That’s All She Wrote”

Undertipper - “Green Paper”

Forever Unclean! “Dinosaur”

People Corrupting People - “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”

DFMK - “No Me Gusta Chavela Vargas”

Sciatic Nerve - “Buy a Horse”

Lashing Fred - “Exactly Not The Same”


Links to Featured News Stories

Transplants announce release new EP of cover songs

Tim Armstrong to appear in upcoming film, I’ll Be Around

Lillingtons new album

The Flatliners announce anniversary tour

88 Fingers Louie announce new 7”

Decent Criminal new LP Bloom

Pennywise announces new album (Offspring too)

Against Me! Covers Tom Petty

NOFX/Bad Religion Tour imminent 

Groezrock taking a year off

Margate calls it quits :(

Allout Helter new album out via Bird Attack

Emmer Effer new LP