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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Oct 4, 2021

Episode 29 is finally here and boy, is it a doozie!! For this one, we lured in Mr. Bob Noxious (Pig Pen/Chris Barrows Band) to help co-host with us! And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Heeeeyyy, that name sounds familiar.” it’s because he was one of the original co-hosts of Dying Scene Radio many many moons ago! As always, we’re gonna to be jammin’ new tunes from emerging artists that you were probably too lazy to discover and talkin’ about some of the more noteworthy scene news from the last few weeks. But, we’re also going to get reacquainted with Mr. Noxious throughout the episode. So, if you’ve ever wondered about his fingerbanging skills, (and we know you have) you’re definitely gonna wanna listen to this one! All of that and much more in this episode! So, crank it up, fuckers!


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Episode 29 Playlist

Steve Buscemi - “Chicago Real Estate”

Bossman Dave’s SGLotE - Madison Bloodbath - “Icebergs”

#1 Fan Spike’s pick - If I Die First - “Where Needles and Lovers Collide”

Caltrops  - “White Boy”

Thumb Between the Middle Fingers - “Truth Pass”

Sarchasm - “Blacklist”

PIG PEN - “The Scene Is Dead”

Debt Neglector - “Cult Cult Cult”

Gay Lips  - “The Ballad of Hinksley Road”

Duchamp - “The Art of Defiance”

Fiddlehead - “Million Times”

The Slow Death  - “We Aint Even Married/Fuck The Labor Pool (Young Pioneers)”

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