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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Aug 10, 2021

Greetings, comrades! Now, that Bob's Honeymoon period is over, Episode 28 of Dying Scene Radio is finally ready for consumption! In this installment, we learn that Anarchopunk is nearly illiterate, Bob can't recall simple things like show dates that were provided to him, literally minutes before, and what we're doing to further the #moresaxinpunk cause. All of that plus noteworthy scene news from the last couple of months, as well as some fantastic new music from emerging artists! So, crank up the volume and let your neighbors enjoy too!

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Episode 28 Playlist

Swayze - “St. Angry”

Bossman Dave’s SGLotE - Forgotten Names  - “Punk Rock Priorities”

#1 Fan Spike’s pick - Bitch Queens - “Ignorance is Bliss”

Old City - “Class Act”

Unity TX - “Agony”

The Simulators - “Long Way Home”

The Beaters Band - “Love I can B W You”

Nancy Boi! - “Liquor Store Employee”

One Step Closer - “Pringle Street”

Home Is Where - “Assisted Harakari”

House Boat - “A Song In Which I Try To Convince Myself To Stop Being Such A Fucking Idiot”

Doom Scroll - “When Will I Disappear”

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