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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Nov 13, 2020

Greetings Comrades! Welcome to an extremely late Episode 25! We actually recorded this episode Pre-Election 2020 but apparently Bob is getting “too old to sit for long periods of time”, (whatever the fuck that means), so he was a little slow with the editing. In summation, please ignore the first few minutes where we uncharacteristically get into a short discussion about politics, which is already waaaay outdated. 2020 ammiright?!?!? Other than that though, incredible episode! As always, we’re gonna be playing some fantastic tunes from newer, emerging acts and giving our stupid opinions about noteworthy scene news from the last few months. All of that and much more in this episode of Dying Scene Radio! Get to listenin’!

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Episode 25 Playlist

H.A.R.D. - “People Like Me”

Bony Macaroni - “Atlas Fugged”

Kills Birds - “Volcano”

Brandish - “Flavor Flav is Channel Zero”

Winning Streak - “Stop Screaming”

Incisions - “New Day”

The Swifts - “Normal”

Kill Lincoln - “Ignorance is Bliss”

The Disaster Points - “Sunrise”

Razors Edge - “Snake Bite”

Snap Out  - “Kindergarten Cop”

Slick Shoes - “Whispers”

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