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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Sep 2, 2020

Greetings, comrades! Episode 24 is poppin’ fresh and ready for consumption! In this installment, Problem Daughter’s phenomenal frontman, Regan Ashley (aka: Punk Rock Scott Baio) joins us as a special co-host to talk about sobriety during Covid, growing up trash and how much more well read he is than us (not really a stunning feat). But that's not all, lil birdies! We’re also gonna be spoon feedin’ you some badass tunes from newer, emerging acts and talking shit about some of the more noteworthy news stories from the last few weeks. All of that and much more in this episode of Dying Scene Radio!


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Episode 24 Playlist

Bob Vylan - “We Live Here”

The Pomps - “P.A.D.D.”

Deaf Chonky - “X-Ray Baby”

Violent Soho - “Lying on the Floor”

Almost People - “Old Soul 45's”

The Eradicator - “You Know Too Much About Me Already”

Problem Daughter - “Splinters”

Karate Kid - “Follow Me”

The Ratz - “These Streets”

Burn Burn Burn! - “Fugue State”

Tear Them Down - “Redeem”

Listen to these songs along with all of the other songs we've featured on the podcast on our iTunes and Spotify Playlists!