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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

May 25, 2020

Greetings, comrades! Episode 21 is here and because helath care experts agree that spending time with friends during these stressful times can help combat depression, stress and anxiety, we have a guest co-host! In this installment, the hardest working man in punk rock, Mr. Chris Fox (Vampirates, Boss' Daughter, The Randy Savages, et al) checks in with us for some root tootin' shit shootin' (and music listenin')! So, grab a friend (figuratively, of course) and grab a beer (literally, of course) and join us for a two hour romp of ecstasy! We're not overselling that....AT ALL!  #maximumpartytime

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Episode 21 Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some rad, new tunes? We don’t blame you! Check out the ever growing playlists over on Spotify and iTunes. Almost every song we’ve ever featured on the show and it’s 100% asshole free!

Must Build Jacuzzi - “Smoke Rings”

Bossman Dave’s SGLotE -  Stuck Lucky “Living Ghost”

#1 Spike’s pick of the episode Single Mothers - “Catch & Release”

Totally Gnarly - “Common Ground”

The Damn Tracks - “Dark Enough to See”

Steadfast - “Old Scars”

Steve Buscemi - “Fuck Rock N Roll”

2Corporate (featuring Mike Young) - “Black Toast Intolerant’

The Big News - “Out of Time”

Feeny - “Puzo”

Free Sergio - “Blood Tainted Pen”

Rent Strike - “They Live!”