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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

May 1, 2020

Episode fuckin’ 20 of Dying Scene radio is here, comrades! In this installment, Mr. Bobby Burns talks to Portland pop punkers, Mean Jeans about Dave Matthews Band, Forensic Files and the best way to pimp your band out for free Mountain Dew! As always, we’ll also be talking about some noteworthy scene news from the past few weeks that you were probably too lazy to read (not that there's much, these days) and playing some rad tunes from emerging bands that you were probably too lazy to discover! All of that and much, much more in the newest episode of Dying Scene Radio!

#notplayingcorrectly #thedrummerwearsahat

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Episode 19 Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some rad, new tunes? We don’t blame you! Check out the ever growing playlists over on Spotify and iTunes. Almost every song we’ve ever featured on the show and it’s 100% asshole free! 

The Barracks - “Ash”

Bossman Dave’s SGLotE -  Apathy Cycle - “ Premium Healthscare”

#1 Fan Spike’s Pick - Drain - “Sick Ones”

Skatune Network - “Come Out Swinging”

Jake and the Jellyfish - “Spokesdog”

Dropouts - “Without You”

Sports. - “Waoosh”

Mean Jeans - “180069SHRED”

Millington - “Beatdown Generation”

Goalkeeper - “Chances”

Jesse Kenneth Cotu Williams - “I Tried”