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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Oct 18, 2017

The new and improved Dying Scene Radio is back with an all new episode! In this edition, Bob drinks a NOFX beer and gives his unsolicited opinion of it and Anarchopunk tokes up with the hardest working dude in punk rock, Mr. Chris Fox in Lancaster, California. Did we mention all of the new music and scene news? Oh...well there's tons of that, too! Put it all in yer ears!


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Episode 2 Playlist

Big Brother - “Straight Outta Ontario”

*Bossman Dave's Solid Gold Lock of the Week* Slow Faction - “Under Heavy Manners”

24 Hour Punks - “Stand”

The Fullers - “Tomorrow”

Such Gold - “Ceiling Stare”

Wasted Potential - “Jazz Age”

Shirley D. Pressed - “Resolution”

*DS Exclusive Premiere* Chris Fox - “Drunken Smiles”

Sombulance - “Lessons Lost”

Abolitionist - “Surrounded by Everyone”

Fare Game - "Brick Thick"


Links to Featured News Stories

Fest/Pre-Fest schedules are up

Bombpops Cross the pond for a Euro tour

The Penske File is trekking across the Great White North on tour

GBH has a new album looming and their streaming a few of the new songs early

Swingin' Utters guitarist, Darius Koski has a new country/folk punk album What Was Once Is By and Gone coming out

Tons of tracks from the new Propagandhi album are streaming

Celtic/polka punks The Dreadnaughts release new album

Legendary post hardcore act, Quicksand Returns

Incredible, new Hot Water Music album gets a 4/5 by our review team. 

Frank Turner working on a new album

Chinese hardcore punks Demerit are touring the West Coast

Such Gold announce new EP on Bird Attack and stream one of the tracks