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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Dec 26, 2019

Holy Hell!!!! Between the maelstrom that is our personal lives and technology utterly failing us (both on a hardware and software level), we've had quite a hectic, albeit unproductive few months! Despite all of these issues though, we're back with a new episode of Dying Scene Radio just in time for the holidayzzz!!

In this installment, Bobert meets up with Stevie Williams, vocalist for Aussie hardcore act Clowns to chat about the scene down under, signing to Fat Wreck, starting your own record label and.....Ricky Martin?!? That's kinda weird.

As always the lads are also gonna be playin' a shit load of music from new and emerging artists that you were probably too lazy to discover and giving their horrible opinions on some of the most noteworthy scene news from the last few weeks (ahem...months) that you were probably too lazy to read. All of that and much, much more in Episode 18 of Dying Scene Radioooo!


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*In a band? Want to be featured on the podcast? Send your shit to and if it’s good enough, we’ll probably play it! If you send us some swag, it’ll increase your chances…just sayin’!


Episode 17 Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some rad, new tunes? We don’t blame you! Check out the ever growing playlists over on Spotify and iTunes. Almost every song we’ve ever featured on the show and it’s 100% asshole free! 

Amplify - “Fascination”

Bossman Dave’s SGLotE - Cold Wrecks - “The Season” 

The Lungs - “Vizitant”

The Carolyn - “Heavy Eyes”

The Dick Dastardly’s - "Watch Me Go"

The Anti-Queens - “Worse Than Death”

TelevisionSupervision - "Gimme A Girl"

I Set Fire - “Dead But Breathing”

The Kimberly Steaks - “Nothing to Think About”

Concrete Control - “Dull Changes”

Clowns - “Nature”

All These Wasted Nuts - “I Benefited From Apartheid”

Friendly Fire - “Terminal Wanderlust”

Depopulation Department - “Wounds of War”

Sleepy Valley - “Cling to Dust”

Danvers - “Blue Streak 1938”


Links to Featured News Stories

The Offspring getting sued by ex-Bassist

World Friendship Society teases new album with single “Freedom Is a Wilderness Made For You and Me”

Wolf Face is streaming three new tracks from upcoming album

Piebald releases Christmas EP

Hidden Home Records releases Do You Remember Comps Vol 2 comp

Denizen Records looking for bands to contribute to Punk Against Trump Vol 2 comp

The Menzingers release video for track off of upcoming album

Red Scare Industries 15 Year comp released back in Sept/Oct

Pick It Up! - Ska In The ’90s Documentary 

Great Interviews up at Dying Scene even if no news has been posted lately! (Miggy Chen, Joe Gittleman of Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jason Cruz, Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, The Mizzerables, Blink 155, David Tejas of The Casualties)