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Dying Scene Radio (Official)

Feb 28, 2021

Eight weeks into 2021...the perfect time for us to release our Albums of the Year List from 2020, ammiright?!?!? To be fair though, the delay isn't 100% our fault. We rely on other people to post their lists early enough for us to cheat off of them and that didn't happen this year. Sooooo, really the blame falls on everyone else.🤣 Now, enough chitter chatter!!! Get to listening, comrades and don't forget to let us know what your favorite albums were from 2020!

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AoTY 2020 Playlist

The OBGMs – The Ends – “All My Friends”
Days N Daze - Show Me the Blueprints - “Ditches”
Dikembe – Muck – “All Got Sick”
War on Women - Wonderful Hell - “Wonderful Hell”
The Fizzgigs – Weeeeeeeeee Are the Fizzgigs - “Moontime”
The Suicide Machines - Revolution Spring - “Detroit is the New Miami”
Pears – S/T – “Dial Up”
Get Dead - Dancing with the Curse - “Pepperspray”
The Lungs – Psychic Tombs – “Jesus Rode in a Pale Horse”
Western Addiction - Frail Bray - “They Burned Our Paintings”
The Stifled – Everything’s Fine – “Floor is Lava”
Jeff Rosenstock – No Dream – “Scram!”
Be Well - The Weight and The Cost - “Each Passing Day”
Slick Shoes - Rotation & Frequency - “Carry This”
Teenage Halloween - S/T - “Holes”
Brandish - Funfair/Warfare – “Funfair/Warfare”
The Early Thirties - People Are Going to Be so Impressed - “Thank God for Craigslist”
Record Thieves - Wasting Time - “Actors for Hire”
Dogleg – Melee – “Kawasaki Backflip”

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